Client Testimonials

“Linda approaches her work like a scientist and a mystic. She gathers data, delivers information and offers a vision of another way of being. There is nothing but curiosity in her approach, which made me begin to be curious too!”

DS, a current client

“I started working with Linda as a bundle of emotional ups and downs. I couldn’t focus, couldn’t live on my own, and didn’t like myself very much. Today, I can laugh and feel the friendship of a woman who taught me to find myself worthy. I am grateful for her compassion and her insight into my own preciousness.”

ER, a graduate client

“As a survivor of sexual abuse (and Linda doesn’t like me to define myself this way), I struggled with all kinds of fears and hopelessness. I worked with Linda for four years uncovering the physical memory, relieving aspects of the trauma. Ultimately, what it was really about was finding ways to soften my fear, my self-hatred, my eating struggles and my self-abuse. The journey was long and painful, but Linda never gave up on me even when I was my most impossible! Now, I realize she never saw me like I saw myself. I guess it all boils down to her faith that we all can heal—even me.”

WM, a graduate client

“Being a part of Linda's recent group has added another layer of awareness to being present to myself as I am. As a divorced mom, a survivor of sexual abuse, and a woman trying to live an authentic life, I was able to observe and practice strategies of meditation, letting go, and mindfulness of my habitual thoughts, body sensations and emotions. Linda's calming and reassuring style, helped me focus and attempt to develop unconditional acceptance for myself. It was a profoundly moving experience. I cannot say enough about my working with Linda. She guided and nurtured while I did the hard work of learning to sit with myself just as I am—no judgments—just me.”

JMSL, a current client

”When I experience Linda listening, I feel myself listening to my own words differently. Her quiet, attentive listening soothes me—something I haven’t been able to do for myself. What makes the big difference is Linda doesn’t jump to any conclusions or have any preferences—she just sits and let’s me listen to myself and land into what feels true. I’ve been in conflict most of my life trying to figure out what I really feel, and lately I’ve been sitting with this conflict and appreciating that it is a part of my truth! Answers don’t come easy to me, and I’m learning to feel into that it’s not a defect of character to be the way I am.”

KT, a graduate client