How to Deepen intimacy with your partner


Basically, couples’ sessions means that you work on yourself, but together! Dyad work is not about the other person changing, but about your taking responsibility for your projections, which are the displacing of your historical wounds onto your partner. Each of us wants to be wanted and loved it is our deepest longing. However, what holds us back from getting this need met is our secret belief that we are actually unworthy of love. We see ourselves as deficient and that deficiency often gets projected onto our partner. The work we do together involves making a commitment to one another to find safety in the resisted, vulnerable places that reflect what you know to be true about yourself—whether you like it or not! As you experience your own pain, and the way you’ve defended against that pain, a mysterious, expanded sense of softening occurs allowing that fearful, conflicted place within to be less resisted. This unconditional, mindful, heartfelt presence leads to gentle acceptance, forgiveness, spaciousness, patience and love for yourself. It softens the way you relate to your partner because as we increasingly accept ourselves we learn to extend that gentleness to our partner.