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My Approach

Experiential work is based on moment-to-moment experiencing of the body-mind continuum.  The mind's thoughts, the way it perceives, and how the body feels create habitual patterns, often self-destructive ones. Once these negative habits are seen then reversing them becomes possible.  

Treatment Focus

I encourage my clients to hold an attitude of gentle curiosity toward themselves and their patterns of behavior. Cultivating awareness and loving-kindness are the most basic and radical aspects of healing.

Treatment Interventions

While empowering clients to view themselves as deserving happiness and emotional health, I employ various treatment interventions. All interventions focus on how the body (feelings, sensations) and mind (thoughts, memory, conditioning) work together to influence how we understand the world and our place in it. 


Areas of Expertise

Trauma & PTSD


Psychological distress can follow exposure to a traumatic or stressful event. Emotional and behavioral symptoms may arise. 

I work with my client to establish a firm foundation of safety and a strong clinical engagement based on mutuality. Establishing trust is very important as trauma feels chaotic and is experienced as helplessness. 

Depression & Anxiety


Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable mood states that we can experience. Often if we can enter into the suffering, then we are able to transform the pain and feel motivated again to experience joy and vitality. This takes courage.  



Relationship counseling can be beneficial for couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional and sexual connection. I work with couples to assist them to identify and eliminate their negative cycles while learning to be more vulnerable in expressing their attachment wounds and emotional needs. Ultimately, deep listening and compassion arise enabling two people to be friends again.

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Learn to:

Let go of fear and lovingly embrace life.

Resist angry, anxious, depressed, and negative self-talk cycles.

Gain insight into how personal patterns and beliefs block your potential to live you life's deepest truth.

Look and listen deeply to your heart's longings. 

Discover what it is you truly want and who you truly are.

Move through obstacles and confusion.

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