My Work

Working in the present moment – being present to whatever arises – is difficult. It takes practice to breathe into the body’s holding of anxiety, anger, sadness, confusion, and the fears – our thoughts – that hold all of us back from fully living; BUT, what becomes available to us when we allow ourselves to acknowledge, allow and open to our embodied experience is a fresh, warm, friendly encounter with ourselves – right here, right now!

My clients and I practice a soft, mindful opening (using the breath) to observe what they are feeling. Watching a feeling means that you disconnect from the thoughts supporting a feeling and enter into an embodied awareness of the total experience without attachment.

Have you ever tried this? Once you do, you will notice that openness or awareness is much bigger and stronger than anything causing you to be anxious or unable to act. This discovery puts you in touch with your capacity for strength, kindness, stability and understanding. It also leads to spontaneous change!

If you are reading this and you notice that you came to it with a feeling of being confused or disturbed about something, you could start creating peace by accepting this state without judging it as something bad or trying to get rid of it. Simply acknowledge whatever is your current experience and notice how that helps you to relax. Easier said than done – because our difficulties normally register a sense of something being wrong with us as versus just a passing experience.